Tipton Associates Regaining Self-Confidence by Working

I now have self-esteem ....

"Working at Tipton Staffing has given me back my self-esteem and self-confidence that has been lacking for a very long time. I've really come to enjoy the freedom I've been given to learn more about myself and within my career"....says one of our Tipton Associates.

The Patty Tipton Company was founded and built by female entreprenuer, Patty Tipton. Anyone who observes her on a daily basis will certainly express that she is a hard worker, determined, structured and has a work ethic that exudes excellence. She demands the very best of her associates each and every day. She serves as a role model for her associates and especially for her female associates.

The Golden A's are primary at Tipton Staffing for each and every associate:

1. Ability

2. Appearance

3. Attitude

Whenever you see a Tipton Associate, you will always find them to be dressed appropriately for their position with an immaculae appearance. Tipton Associates take pride in themselves to have star ratings in both appearance and positive attitudes. Each and every associate is given training before being placed in their perspective position.

Pictures below are some of our proud associates:

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